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Click the FORMED logo below to go to FORMED.ORG and sign in or create an account following the instructions below.

          The Diocese of Salina has renewed its subscription to FORMED.ORG, which it has subscribed to for several years. So as a parishioner of the tri-parishes, you can use FORMED for free. FORMED provides access to books, audio talks, movies, documentaries, and studies.

 Do the following:

1. Click the FORMED logo above to go to the FORMED.ORG website or type FORMED.ORG in your browser.

2. If you have used FORMED, select SIGN IN.

3. Otherwise, select FORMED FOR PARISHES.

4. Select SIGN UP in the top menu bar.

5. In “Find Your Parish or Organization”, type "67671" (as the parish zip code).

6. Select "St. Fidelis Catholic Church, 601 10th St Victoria KS".

7. Click NEXT.

8. You will need to provide your name and email.

9. Click SIGN UP.

10. Then browse to see all that you can watch.


The next time you go to FORMED.ORG, select SIGN IN. If you did not log out the last time you visited the site, it will take you directly to the site. If you did log out, you will need to provide your email address. FORMED will send you an email with a link to sign in. The link expires after 2 hours. Follow the steps to log back in.

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