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Jubilee Choir

Music Sheets and a Cross

Any child, first grade or older is invited to join our children's choir: Jubilee Choir


The Jubilee Choir sings once a month, during the school year, and practices every Wednesday evening before religion class. The Jubilee Choir is lively and well loved by our family parish! Ms. Sheila Stone is our Jubilee Choir director. Practice dates and times, along with sign-up information will be available at enrollment this August - 2025. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Jeanette Brungardt, Coordinator of Religious Education & Youth Ministry at or 785-735-2777.

The purpose of the Jubilee Choir is to give our children a way to meaningfully serve and be a part of the church family and parish. Our children have a meaningful place in our parish and many gifts to share and singing in the Jubilee Choir is one of the ways they can share their gift. If you enjoy singing, PLEASE consider joining and sharing your heart and voice from the choir loft! The Jubilee Choir is led by director: Ms. Sheila Stone and pianist: Mrs. Kathy Dreiling-Amrein.

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